Message from Representative Director

Since our company was established in 1991, we have expanded our domestic branches nationwide and achieved more than $100 million in annual sales.

Under the ideal, "It's too wasteful to throw away something that is still usable,” felt amidst a mass production and consumption society, our company has committed to developing reuse business (the exportation of used goods) and grown into one of the leading companies in the industry. This is all thanks to you.

In November 2018, we signed the United Nations Global Compact. Under the global trend, changing the conventional way of running business and society in a more sustainable way, we are keenly aware of our social mission now more than ever.

We will continue to pursue the possibilities of reuse and recycling businesses and strive to play a part in building a recycling-oriented society on a global scale. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Corporate Profile

[ Overview ]

Company Name
Hamaya Corporation
Representative Director
Shigeru Kobayashi
Head Office 1594, Shimogarako,
Saitama 3550076, Japan
TEL. +81-4-9324-5345
FAX. +81-4-9325-2968
Start-up Capital
60 million yen
Number of employees
360 (As of April, 2019)
Annual Turnover
10.7 billion yen
( In fiscal year 2018)
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[ Company History ]

1980Founded Kobayashi store
1991Established Hamaya Co.,Ltd.
1996Opened Kanazawa branch as the very first branch office
1997Opened Sapporo branch
1998Opened Sakaide branch
1999Transformed into Hamaya Co. from Hamaya Co., Ltd.
2001Opened Sendai and Shizuoka branches and established Eco Logistic Systems Co.,Ltd.
2002Opened Osaka and Yokohama branches
2003Opened Hiroshima and Ibaraki branches
2004Opened Chiba branch and established Usednet Co.,Ltd.
2008Opened West Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Saitama branches
2011Established a local subsidiary in Brazil
Moved West Tokyo branch to Tokorozawa and reopened as Tokorozawa branch
2012Established Miyako plant and opened Tajimi branch
2013Established a local subsidiary in the Philippines
Bought out Gima Shoten Co.,Ltd.
JRRC was inaugurated and became a member
2014Established a local subsidiary in Hong Kong
2015Acquired ISO certification (9001/14001/27001)
Established an analysis center
2016Opened Fukuoka branch
2018Moved Miyako plant to Higashi-matsuyama branch


[ Other businesses ]

  • Insurance business
  • Antique furniture importing business
  • Fitness business
  • Childcare business